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Michigan Secretary of State Promotes Transphobia

December 29, 2010

Ruth Johnson, candidate for Secretary of State in Michigan, is the latest in the never-ending series of politicians attacking transgender rights. The following quote of hers says it all:

“No I do not support allowing people to change their gender on their license as a result of surgery or lifestyle.”

This news broke in AUGUST – over four months ago! Yet there’s been nary a word about it in the news. Don’t believe me? Do a simple Google search for “ruth johnson michigan transgender” and you’ll quickly see how few major sources have had anything significant to say. Not only does this show how little the media cares about transgender people, period, but it also demonstrates the striking difference in coverage of cis gay issues vs. transgender issues actively being set backwards. As one person I talked to said, “Cis LGB news is everywhere. It’s thrown at you from every direction on a pretty regular basis. T news?  You’re likely to find the holy grail along the way – it really is a situation of digging through random sources looking for the slightest bit of news in most cases.”

Not only are most gay (and other)  organizations neglecting to mention this but transphobic comments are being hurled at Ruth Johnson (based on her appearance) on gay sites that do post about it.

But whether you’re cis gay or straight, the word must get out about what is going on in Michigan right now – we cannot allow transgender rights to be not only stagnant, but actively set backwards.


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