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OPD are Addicted to Brutality

January 29, 2012

The Oakland Police Department is addicted to brutality. Ha – I say that like most police departments are full of non-power abusing, non-corrupt, moral activity.

members of Oakland Police Department who tear-gassed nonviolent protestors

members of Oakland Police Department who tear-gassed nonviolent protestors

After getting tear-gassed yesterday, seeing members of OPD push peaceful, unarmed people off bikes and beat them with batons, arrest hundreds of others, and all of this for marching in protest, I can only laugh if they really think that’s going to silence us. They wreak havoc on their own community daily, so sure, leave some of your usual victims alone and call more attention to your actions by doing them while being live-streamed and filmed at every angle, OPD.

And in terms of official response, gotta love it – Oakland councilmember Ignacio De La Fuente called Occupy Oakland activity yesterday, “domestic terrorism.” Riiight, unarmed people marching, and wanting to use a vacant building that hasn’t been occupied in six years as a center for the community is domestic terrorism. Not the members of the Oakland Police Department firing tear gas and flash bangs at us, beating nonviolent people in the streets, and locking up others. No, it’s the people walking around and chanting who are the “domestic terrorists.” Of course, my mistake.

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