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Comcast: NOT Trans Friendly

February 1, 2012

Not only is Comcast a typical shady corporation, but they also have a policy regarding name change that’s very poor customer service, period, and actively potentially dangerous to people who have had trans-related name changes. If you’ve had a legal name change, Comcast will not change the name on your account unless you appear at an office of theirs in-person. Many people don’t even have the means of transportation to get to the Comcast office closest to them, let alone having to then put themselves in danger by going up to a stranger and functionally telling them, “Hey, I’m trans!”

Out of all of the bills I pay, and other major services I use (i.e.: Paypal, PG&E, etc.), I have never had to appear in person in connection to my legal name change. Yet Comcast actively ducks this corporate trend and refuses to accept mail/fax/etc. of proof of name change instead of an in-person outing. Comcast is asking transgender people to out themselves as transgender in public. UNACCEPTABLE! Nobody should ever have to out themselves in this manner, especially a group — trans women of color — who have a 1 in 8 murder rate for being who they are as it is.


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