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Another Trans Woman Murdered in Washington D.C.

February 3, 2012

A few days ago, yet another trans woman was killed in Washington D.C. Even just counting documented reports that made it into the media (albeit, naturally, with overall piss-poor coverage), this is the third murder attempt (two of which — including this one — have been fatal) on trans women in Washington D.C. in the last six months alone. Stop the trans-misogyny! Stop the violence!  Or, you know just keep focusing on gay marriage as the all-important “LGBT” issue. It’s not like people are dying as a result.

And yes, the ignorance that results in this kind of violence is directly related to the fact that organizations and activists that claim to work for “LGBT rights” focus on the most privileged of the group’s marriage rights, rather than the right to live of the most vulnerable in the group.


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