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Transphobic Oakland Tribune Article

May 3, 2012

[Trigger Warning for Trans-misogyny, transphobia]

As if the trans-misogynistic hate crime murder of Brandy Martell wasn’t enough, the Oakland Tribune saw fit to kill her yet again by mis-gendering her in their article about her death. I am not going to link to the article and give them more traffic — you can find it easily enough if you must — but here’s a breakdown. Be warned that the quotes below contain seriously potentially-triggering trans-misogyny/transphobia.

Direct quote from the Oakland Tribune #1:

“Authorities confirmed that [birth name redacted by Inoculated City], of Hayward, a biological man, was shot and killed…”

Really, Oakland Tribune, printing information about the genitals of a murder victim? Horrifically unacceptable. Imagine an article about a cis woman saying, “Authorities confirmed that Sarah Smith, a biological woman, was shot and killed.” That would never happen. So why the fuck are irrelevant details about this murder victim’s body being printed in the story? Trans-misogynistic, transphobic sensationalism.

Direct quote from the Oakland Tribune #2:

“the victim, who identifies as Brandy Martell and had long been living as a woman.…”

Excuse me? Identifies as? Would you say that about a cis woman, Oakland Tribune? She didn’t “identify as Brandy Martell,” she WAS Brandy Martell. She wasn’t “living as a woman,” she WAS a woman.

Not only is this extremely disrespectful and bigoted, Oakland Tribune, but it actively goes against the AP Stylebook and GLAAD Media Guide.

Fix this prejudiced garbage, Oakland Tribune, and treat murder victims and all trans women with the basic respect and decency they deserve!


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