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OPD Kill Another Young Black Man – RIP Alan Blueford

May 12, 2012

On May 6, 2012, the Oakland Police Department added to the list of black people that have been killed by police so far this year by taking high school senior Alan Blueford’s life.

Alan Blueford, victim of OPD

Alan Blueford, victim of OPD

Alan was standing outside with some friends (around 90th & Birch in Oakland) when some members of the Oakland Police Department pulled up and racially profiled him. Alan ran, and was SHOT IN THE BACK three times while fleeing. Even if you think he deserved to be punished for running away from a police officer (which, really? Who can blame people of color for being fearful of police?), the punishment, even within our broken “justice” system, is supposed to be arrest. As Hammer, formerly known as MC Hammer, said at the vigil last night, “How can the penalty for fleeing be death?”

The same officer who killed Alan Blueford also shot himself in the foot – suspicious much? OPD tried to lie about this too, but later admitted it. “Uhoh, better make it look like I got shot, too!” certainly wouldn’t be surprising behavior from an OPD member, and if it was an accident, we need to have police officers who don’t lose control of their weapons!

There will be a march for justice for Alan in Oakland today, beginning at 9200 Birth Street and ending at Eastmont Mall Police Sub-Station (at 2652 73rd Ave.).

To stay up-to-date on activities, check out Justice 4 Alan Blueford.



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