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Oakland City Council Wants to Ban Shields

May 18, 2012

Hope no one’s planning on dressing up as a knight this Halloween, because Oakland City Council is mulling over a proposal to ban shields. Are they concerned about the fact that a federal judge threatened sanctions against OPD (Oakland Police Department) after their militant response to protests? The group of people who are actually carrying loaded guns, clubs, bean bag bullets, tear-gas canisters, and pepper spray, and regularly using them? Of course not. This is the Oakland City Council we’re talking about, which includes Councilmember Ignacio De La Fuente, who called Oakland protests “domestic terrorism.” Yes, spray-painting and property damage in which not a single person is hurt is terrorism, but using actual weapons against human beings, a la OPD? Of course not!

The article detailing the new proposal says the following:

Rather than having to catch Occupy agitators in the act of damaging property or using the makeshift weapons, police would be able to arrest protesters they saw carrying the prohibited items, potentially weeding out agitators before protests get violent.

Do people realize what a truly terrifying precedent this is? It’s tantamount to claiming that because someone was holding a lighter, they should be arrested for arson.

The article goes on to say:

Several council members had recently inquired whether the city could approve a law prohibiting any item that could be fashioned into a weapon.

Literally anything could be “fashioned into a weapon.” A pair of shoes could be used as a weapon. A belt could be used as a weapon. A fist can be and is regularly used by people as a weapon. Guess we should cut off everyone’s hands and make nudity mandatory.

Oakland City Council, folks, where intelligence and freedom go to die!

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