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Shame on Hennepin County Spokeswoman Sarah Russell

June 4, 2012

CeCe McDonald, a trans woman of color who was viciously attacked by trans-misogynistic racists and fought back in self-defense, was officially sentenced today. In regards to her sentencing, Hennepin County Spokeswoman Sarah Russell spoke on CeCe’s jail housing situation and willfully mis-gendered her in the process. Let’s be clear: mis-gendering a transgender woman or man is bigoted, point-blank. For a cis woman like Sarah Russell to do so is completely unacceptable, especially while speaking as an employee of the State.

CeCe McDonald is a woman. End of story. How would you feel being housed in the male section, Sarah Russell? How would you feel being referred to with male pronouns? You are on the wrong side of history.

Russell also added that the state will make their own assessment regarding what CeCe’s gender is. According to her, that will involve “any and all collateral documentation and a physical and psychological evaluation.” When are cis people going to get it? Documentation and physical characters do not determine gender. And trans men and women don’t need to submit to your creepy psychological evaluations to know what our genders are. Shame on you for treating CeCe McDonald, victim of a vicious hate crime, with even more hate and disrespect.


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