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Parallels of Money For or Against the Legalization of Gay Marriage

August 2, 2012

Corporate entities donating to organizations that exist to stand against LGB people are obviously run by bigoted losers who need to get a life outside of worrying about who other people love and/or have sex with. Whether or not you believe that a business that spends money in this fashion still has the right to operate under the First Amendment, you probably agree with the above statement if you’re not against LGB people yourself.

But here’s the thing: corporate money donated to fight for gay marriage is actively used to oppress people, too. It goes to politicians who speak out and vote against trans rights. It goes to alleged “LGBT” organizations lobbying for trans rights to be removed from bills (HRC, Equality Maryland, to name a few). It goes to trading the legal rights of transgender men and women to not be kicked out of homes/fired from their workplace  for the rights of cis gay people to get married (look at the situation in New York for example). It’s thoroughly fucked up that a company is donating to bigoted organizations, and I won’t knowingly support one when avoidable. But the fact is, if Chik-Fil-A was donating to most gay marriage organizations, they would still be perpetuating bigotry. And many of the people protesting them now would instead, no doubt, be going out of their way to support them.

Yet, many liberal cis people become enraged when this is pointed out, despite the fact that it’s backed by years of evidence. How would the cis gay community feel if trans men and women cared more about our right to marry than your right to not be fired from your job or made homeless? There are many LGB trans men and women, too, and what’s referred to as “gay marriage” also affects the marriage rights of thousands of transgender men and women. Clearly, the legal right to marriage is something that many trans men and women care a great deal about. You don’t see trans money being funneled into organizations that fight against these rights.

But the monied machines that fight in support of gay marriage have blood on their hands as well; a fact that is consistently ignored in marriage discourse.

(Note: I am aware that Chik-Fil-A has also donated to other types of anti-gay organizations – this is in response to what almost every single comment I’ve seen protesting their donations has been about: their donations against gay marriage.)


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