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Clear Channel and Sponsors: Apologize for Violent Transmisogyny

June 6, 2013

Clear Channel talk show Lex and Terry advocated murdering trans women. Even using the slur they featured or any other form of transmisogyny alone is perpetuating violence against trans women, let alone outright stating support for murder.

What Can I Do?

Sample message you can use when writing sponsors:


I’m writing in protest of your decision to advertise with Lex and Terry. Recently, they advocated for the murder of transgender women. I will not be monetarily supporting you while you sponsor this kind of hate crime encouragement, and I will be sure to tell everyone I know to do the same.



Additionally, you can contact Clear Channel here. Clear Channel get money from the show in question, so they must take responsibility for its content as well.

UPDATE – JUNE 8, 2013:

One of the companies that was advertising with Lex and Terry, called The Original Retro Brand, has pulled all advertising after being informed on the matter, and had this to say:

we contacted the Lex & Terry program immediately and requested they remove our ad on their website as soon as possible. We were told the soonest it can be taken down is this Monday or Tuesday the latest, and we will follow up with them to be sure they stick to their word. We have also been assured a formal apology will be given by the hosts, also confirmed by GLAAD as quoted below: “Syndicated radio hosts Lex and Terry say they will make a formal apology and have promised to work with GLAAD and transgender advocates to address the issue of anti-trans violence on the air, following an anti-transgender incident that occurred on their program earlier this week. On Friday, GLAAD spoke with an agent for the show, who said that the hosts now understood the severity of the incident and the harm that statements like this can (and do) cause, and that a formal apology from the hosts would be forthcoming. Lex and Terry will also work with GLAAD and members of the transgender advocacy community on a way to meaningfully address the issue of anti-transgender violence on the air. We do not yet know the contents of the apology.” Thanks again for bringing this to our attention.

Further proof that this kind of protest (contacting sponsors) is one of the most effective ways of combating media bigotry.


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