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District Attorney Daniel Cabral Charges Innocent Transgender Teen For Defending Herself

January 12, 2014

Daniel Cabral, District Attorney for Contra Costa County, has outraged many with his latest move: charging a sixteen year old transgender girl for defending herself from physical attackers. 

Several girls were verbally harassing her, and took it to the level of physical attack — an incident that was captured on video, which clearly shows Jewlyes Gutierrez, the victim, trying to run away. While all of those involved were suspended, District Attorney Daniel Cabral made the extremely cruel and senseless decision to charge Jewlyes, the victim, with battery. Given that she was the one attacked, she should not be charged, period, and it’s appalling that her attackers are not being charged at all.

Find out more about the situation and sign a petition against it at

You can also contact District Attorney Daniel Cabral directly to express your outrage at


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